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Camille Dungy receives Guggenheim Fellowship

Professor Dungy teaches with Colorado State University’s English department. Her book Suck on the Marrow received the American Book Award in 2011. She says, “I understand this fellowship to be a starting block for my journey towards a new set of possibilities and artistic discoveries,” she said. “I’ll pause very briefly to celebrate what this means to me and to the communities who have supported my work through the years. Then I’ll start digging in the soil again — and see what starts growing.” Read more about her projects and watch a video of Dungy performing her poetry here:

Marlon James named one of Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people of 2019

Marlon James’ A Brief History of Seven Killings received the American Book Award in 2015. James also sits on Before Columbus Foundation’s Board of Directors. Words from Salman Rushdie:

Astra Taylor interviewed about latest book examining democracy

Astra Taylor’s new book Democracy May Not Exist, But We’ll Miss It When It’s Gone has been published today. Taylor received the 2015 American Book Award for The People’s Platform: Taking Back Power and Culture in the Digital Age. From The Guardian:

The Guardian reviews Laila Lalami’s “The Other Americans”

Lalami’s The Moor’s Account received the American Book Award in 2016.

The Poetry Center invites Tim Z. Hernandez to be part of In Common Writers Series

Hernandez’s Skin Tax received the American Book Award in 2006. He joins Marguerite Muñoz and René Juarez-Vazquez for a reading of recent works.
Thursday, May 9 – 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm
The Poetry Center, HUM 512, San Francisco State University
Free and open to the public.

The event’s full details can be found on the Poetry Center’s website:

You may RSVP to the event on Facebook:

Laila Lalami interviewed by The Guardian

Lalami’s The Moor’s Account received the American Book Award in 2016. They discuss a variety of topics including background, current works, and political events. From The Guardian:

In-depth interview with Laila Lalami about her favorite books

Lalami’s The Moor’s Account won an American Book Award in 2016. The New York Times has interviewed her for their “By The Book” series.

Poets Will Alexander and Cecilia Vicuña host collaborative reading

Long-time friends, Cecilia Vicuña and Will Alexander came together for the first time to read and discuss their many varied involvements. Alexander’s Singing In Magnetic Hoofbeat: Essays, Prose, Texts, Interviews, and a Lecture received the 2013 American Book Award, and he sits on Before Columbus Foundation’s board of directors. Coverage of the event from Entropy Magazine.

Marlon James and Victor LaValle in conversational interview

The two authors discuss topics relevant to their writing in a candid and insightful conversation. Marlon James received the American Book Award in 2015 for his novel A Brief History Of Seven Killings, and subsequently joined Before Columbus Foundation’s board of directors. Victor LaValle’s The Changeling received the American Book Award in 2018.

Wajahat Ali Joins Interfaith Authors To Respond to US-Mexico Border Crisis

Wajahat Ali is an author, television producer, and sits on the board of directors for the Before Columbus Foundation.

Co-written with William J. Barber, II, Stosh Cotler Sister Simone Campbell.