Justin Desmangles, Chair of Before Columbus Foundation, writes for the SFMOMA in ‘Open Space’

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art has invited Before Columbus Foundation Chair Justin Desmangles, among several other esteemed creatives, to publish as columnists in residence. “Our Fall 2017 columnists in residence are poet Elizabeth Robinson; multidisciplinary artist Fanciulla Gentile; and producer and radio host Justin Desmangles. Over the next four months, they will publish on a rotating basis; what they choose to address, and how, is up to them. And once their official tenure is over, they will retain lifelong publishing rights, joining an ever-growing cohort of alumni columnists. So far as we know, this is a unique experiment among major art institutions.” https://openspace.sfmoma.org/2017/09/columnists-in-residence-fall-2017/

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