Rutgers University Newark faculty and alumni receive American Book Award

Three members of the Rutgers University–Newark community have won the prestigious 2016 American Book Award. Professor John Keene and Assistant Professor Lyra Monteiro, along with alumnus Nick Turse, received news of the prize this week.

Excerpt: “We are proud to honor the work of John Keene, whom we regard as among the most innovative and exciting writers in America today. The richness and fertility of his imagination coupled with the elegance of his prose produce a unique literary experience. In addition, we consider Lyra Montiero’s critical perspectives to be both vital and courageous. Her rigorous, inventive, and powerfully deciphering analysis of ‘Hamilton,’ the musical, was a much-needed antidote to the toxic commercial hyperbole. Finally, Nick Turse’s efforts to expose secret U.S. military operations in Africa should be regarded as heroic. At BCF, we consider Turse to be in the tradition of the greatest journalists, penetrating the subterfuge and excavating information and perspectives otherwise missing or ignored.”


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