Associated Press coverage of 2018 American Book Awards

“American Book Awards honor cultural diversity.” Courtesy of AP News:

Democracy Now interviews Nick Turse about ethnic violence in Congo

Nick Turse received the American Book Award in 2014 for Kill Anything That Moves: The Real American War in Vietnam and in 2016 for Tomorrow’s Battlefield: U.S. Proxy Wars and Secret Ops In Africa. Amy Goodman invites him onto her program Democracy Now to discuss his article Slaughter in Silence: How a brutal ethnic cleansing campaign in the Democratic Republic of the Congo was made worse by Trump’s America First policy and the world’s neglect.

Los Angeles Review of Books reviews Ishmael Reed’s latest “Conjugating Hindi”

Ishmael Reed released Conjugating Hindi, a historical satire of Indian race relations in America, through Dalkey Press in the spring of 2018.

“Conjugating Hindi is a further exploration of Reed’s alternative Black aesthetic of Neo-HooDoo, informed by bricolage and jazz improvisation. It is not quite as poetic or gnostic as Reed’s 1972 masterpiece Mumbo Jumbo, but it is brilliant — the same sort of experimental brilliance observable in the fiction of Thomas Pynchon or the cut-up technique of William S. Burroughs — and more accessible.”!

Will Alexander, “A Cannibal Explains Himself to Himself”

Alexander received the American Book Award in 2013 for Singing in Magnetic Hoofbeat: Essays, Prose, Texts, Interviews, and a Lecture, from Essay Press.

A Cannibal Explains Himself to Himself is a creative non-fiction essay of internal exploration. From Entropy Magazine:

Wahajat Ali editorializes on Midlife crisis amid current political anxieties

Ali serves on Before Columbus Foundation’s board of directors.

“The anxiety that I haven’t done enough — and will never do enough — is heightened by living in a political climate that makes it feels more urgent than ever to make a difference in the world. To do something that matters. ” From NYTimes Opinion:

Early photograph of Before Columbus Foundation founding member Shawn Wong

Wong currently sits on the Foundation’s Board of Directors. Here he is pictured celebrating a literary anthology which he co-edited.

Aiiieeeee! An Anthology of Asian-American Writers with readers Nancy Wong, photographer, Shawn Wong (one of the editors of the anthology), and poet Cyn Zarco. c. 1974

Colorlines highlights 2018 American Book Awards given to authors of color

“The 39th cohort of awardees features several novelists, scholars, poets and other literary figures whose works interrogate race in America’s history and present.”

Bojan Luis’ “Currents” wins American Book Award

KCUR highlights the book of stories from BkMk press.

“Louis, a member of the Navajo Nation, tells stories in “Currents” in three languages: English, Diné and Spanish. Inspired by his work as an electrician, enriched by his love for the Navajo and Spanish languages, and marked by his fearless look at how the big cultural questions affect our daily lives, Bojan Louis has given us a stunning debut book.”

Valeria Luiselli’s ‘Tell Me How It Ends: An Essay in Forty Questions’ wins American Book Award

Telesur TV covers Luiselli’s critical investigation of immigration policy. “Distributed to both English and Spanish readers, the collection of short stories was published to its Latin audience under the title ‘Los Niños Perdidos’ (The Lost Children).”

Thi Bui, American Book Award winner, named Best of the East Bay

The East Bay Express names Thi Bui “Best Graphic Novelist Fighting For The Underdog”  in their annual Best of the East Bay list, including biographical article: