Lauret Savoy interview discusses connection between locations’ names and history

Savoy receieved an American Book Award in 2016 for Trace: Memory, History, and the American Landscape. She speaks with High Country News about the book here:

Nancy Isenberg interviewed by Konch Magazine

Nancy Isenberg receieved the Walter & Lillian Lowenfels Criticism Award from the American Book Awards in 2016. She is interviewed by Justin Desmangles, Chair of Before Columbus Foundation’s Board of Directors, for Ishmael Reed’s online publication, Konch Magazine

Laila Lalami, American Book Award Recipient, interviewed by Boston Globe

The interview discusses the author’s reading habits, and more. Lalami won an American Book Award in 2016 for The Moor’s Account.

Wajahat Ali on resistance for the New York Times

Acclaimed journalist and writer Wajahat Ali with an opinion piece for the New York Times:

Van Jones interviews Wajahat Ali

Van Jones talks to me about Trump, Bannon, totalitarianism, where Democrats went wrong, Spirituality in Politics, Muslims and much more. Please give it a read, listen and share. He says some really amazing, critical things here.”  – Wajahat Ali is a journalist, writer, and member of Before Columbus Foundation’s board of directors.

Wajahat Ali discusses Muslim Travel Ban on CNN

The Before Columbus Foundation  board member challenges Congressman Jack Kingston in a debate about the presidential ban on travel to the US from certain majority-Muslim countries.

Ishmael Reed examines effect of administration on Jewish and Black Americans

Author Ishmael Reed, founder of Before Columbus Foundation, considers relations between Black and Jewish communities in light of White Nationalists’ recent expansion of power.

Deepa Iyer shares a Letter to the Revolution

Iyer receieved the 2016 American Book Award for We Too, Sing America: South Asian, Arab, Muslim, and Sikh Immigrants Shape Our Multiracial Future. She directs her letter to “younger South Asian sister-activist-warriors”.

Marlon James announces new book trilogy

Author and Before Columbus board member Marlon James, recipient of the American Book Award and Man Booker prizes, announces a new book series: The Dark Star Trilogy.

Wajahat Ali, journalist and board member of Before Columbus Foundation, interviewed by CNN

The interview questions the qualifications of Jeff Sessions, Trump’s pick for Attorney General.